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We help you develop winning strategies for building the business


For almost all companies, operational planning and execution dominate management’s attention. Done effectively, this focus will result in the continuous incremental improvement of the company’s chosen strategy. Within a fairly static competitive and legislative environment, this has generally ensured the company’s long-term success and viability.

But the competitive landscape is very different than it once was. Most companies are now faced with competing concepts that have equivalent, if not better, consumer purchase-motivating strategies. Fundamental change is needed. Producing significant, non-incremental performance improvements requires creating a new vision of sustainable strategic advantage for the organization, and a plan for building the operational capabilities needed to achieve that vision.

Vertex has proven tools and techniques for helping you develop strategies which result in a sustainable differentiated product/service offering.


  • Custom design, management and facilitation of strategy-development processes using proprietary tools and techniques.
  • Fact-gathering and analysis as required:
    • Qualitative and quantitative market research;
    • Competitive analysis and benchmarking;
    • Industry structure and evolution analyses;
    • Environmental and legislative scanning;
    • Organizational research on capabilities and limitations;
    • Best practice research, across the organization and world;
    • Market/brand positioning and marketing mix analyses;
    • Analysis of merger/acquisition targets and opportunities.
  • Development of key insights - on customer value, the competitive marketplace and current organizational performance - needed to formulate strategy alternatives.
  • Processes for the generation and refinement of new, out-of-the-box strategic alternatives.
  • Support for the evaluation of strategic alternatives with a variety of approaches, from low-risk "develop-test-fine tune" procedures, through quantitative modelling, all the way to rigorous risk-weighted decision-analysis processes.
  • Processes that build management-team understanding and buy-in to new ways of looking at the market, the business and the key levers of performance — creating consensus and commitment.