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Quality of operations becomes a critical part of your success


In practice, new strategies designed to deliver a differentiated product-service offering have a poor track record of being implemented well.

Almost every executive we visit can easily recall consultant- or internally-generated strategy documents that have done little more than gather dust. This is generally because these strategies have not been sufficiently supported by operational delivery of the purchase-motivating consumer benefits required for differentiation. Management may have had the intent, but the organization didnít follow through on delivery.

Our approach helps you maximize your success at implementation by:

  • Ensuring the strategy-development effort itself includes the specification of the new capabilities that need to be built (and the activities that will be stopped, to free resources);
  • Focusing the implementation effort on delivering important business results, and managing for those results rather than for a set of activities;
  • Ensuring senior management commitment, leadership and close attention within a controlled time investment;
  • Working with you to "experiment the answer into place" rather than simply drafting the theoretically perfect world on paper;
  • Helping you create the proof statements and internal champions required for system-wide change; and
  • Supporting the process of cementing new processes and behaviours into the organizationís basic systems.