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The return on your research investment should be money-making results


Too often companies commission research the results of which, while interesting, arenít actionable.

Thatís because effective research isnít a commodity.You donít buy research, you create it through a joint process between client and consultant. And this process needs to start with determining precisely how the research will aid in decision-making and action-planning.

At Vertex, we offer a wide array of highly creative yet competitively-priced research services, all geared to producing results that get used by our clients to improve performance.

Our research practice is built on finding the simple profound truths that underpin consumer, customer or employee behaviour, and then helping clients respond to and harness those insights.

Vertex is a management consultancy that has developed extensive research capabilities a fundamental part of its practice.

Because good business decisions must be based on solid facts and on accurate perceptions of the environmental realities (external and/or internal), we place a lot of emphasis on the quality of the research services we offer our clients.

Unlike many other management consulting firms, we have developed extensive capabilities in the areas of consumer, industrial, public and internal organizational research.

We offer research services

  • On a ďstand-aloneĒ basis where the research study is a discrete assignment; or
  • Within the framework of a project involving other management areas.

Either way, our commitment to the achievement of long-term, productive results will ensure that the research is designed ∈ and the findings interpreted ∈ in such a way as to be effectively used in decision-making and program implementation.

Vertex helps companies build profitable sales by using research to drive superior decision-making.

We focus on adding incremental and tangible value to the keep steps of the research process through:

  • Intensive and in-depth interviewing of consumers and industrial customers,to develop new, more effective marketing insights and models;
  • Tough data analysis, including multi-variate analyses and the mining of operating data; and
  • Market testing protocols and experimentation.

Our backgrounds are a mixture of business and psychology. This psychological orientation has saddled us with a strong need to always dig deeper, to look for meaning and root causes. The business background tempers that with a healthy dose of the practical and pragmatic.The interplay between both produces new ways of looking at old problems, and assumption-challenging analyses and models.