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We deliver results


Off the Top, We Talk Bottom Line

If you think your relationship with a consulting firm should have a measurable positive effect on your bottom line, your way of thinking and our way of working have a great deal in common. We can help your team identify and commit to an efficient strategy for profitable growth. Additionally, we offer innovative and successful techniques for installing change. Our ability to assist you in turning answers into action makes Vertex a very different kind of consulting firm. One that can make a greater difference on your bottom line.

It’s What Happens After You Put the Research Report Down that Picks Up Business

You’ve read the research report and it contains all the information you need. Everything, except what to do next. Because research is only as good as the purpose to which it is utilized, our research emphasizes the output: what needs to get acted upon and how. We are committed to practical solutions and to facilitating their implementation by management. For over 20 years, our team has designed, conducted and analyzed research and helped turn it into sound strategies. Then, we help develop and implement the steps necessary to turn those strategies into solid successes.

The Better Your People Perform in the Workplace, the Better Your Business Performs in the Marketplace

Just as we help clients understand customer motivation and behavior, we help them arrive at the same level of understanding about their employees. We believe that every organization is capable of excellent performance. Through our specialized skills, we can assist you in identifying and realizing the untapped excellence within your organization.

We act as a catalyst in helping front-line and middle management discover their own motivation for implementing strategy. When your people are aligned with a powerful marketing strategy, profitable growth is easy.

When You Succeed, We Succeed

When you deal with Vertex, you will find yourself working directly with a compact and passionate group of people who can focus on your situation. Our enthusiasm is twofold. First, we go out of our way to be as accessible as humanly possible. And second, we are highly dedicated to your goals and to assisting you in achieving them. In short, we want to help, and we will do everything within our power to do so. We’d like to share our experiences with you. And, we’d like to hear about you and your business.