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Critical capabilities in helping clients

Core services

Grow Profitable Sales

Vertex has built critical capabilities in helping clients define and implement profitable change. Our core services:

  • Assisting in developing and evolving effective strategy
  • Assisting in the implementation of strategy throughout the organization
  • Market and organizational research

Develop winning strategies

Vertex has proven tools and techniques for helping you develop strategies which result in a sustainable, differentiated product/service offering. Specific services include:

  • Design, management and facilitation of strategy development processes
  • Fact gathering and analysis of market insights
  • Processes for generation and refinement of new alternatives
  • Support for the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of alternatives
  • Processes to build management-team consensus and commitment

Strategic change

We guide strategy development so that it includes the specification of the capabilities that need to be built. We focus implementation efforts on delivering business results. We help ensure senior management commitment, leadership and close attention within a controlled time investment. We work with you to “experiment the answer into place.” We help you create the proof statements and internal champions required for system-wide change. We support the cementing of new processes and behaviors into the organization’s basic systems.

Money-making research

Our research practice is built on finding the simple profound truths that underpin consumer, customer, and employee behavior, and helping your organization respond to and harness those insights. We add incremental, tangible value to research through:

  • Intensive, in-depth interviewing of consumers and B2B customers to develop more effective marketing insights;
  • Tough data analysis, including multi-variety analyses and the mining of operational data;
  • Market testing protocols and experimentation.